Welcome! We’re glad you’ve stopped by. It might seem a bit odd for a dermatological office to have a blog. We promise it makes perfect sense.

One of our foundations is helping our patients feel comfortable and confident in our office, and education is a big part of that. Feeling in control of your health is sometimes as simple as understanding it; that’s why we’re here. At New River Dermatology, we want you to feel empowered and educated by fully understanding any health concerns you may face. We want you to be able to advocate for your health and aesthetic needs, be an informed decision-maker during appointments, and feel confident keeping your skin healthy and happy at home.

We started our blog to provide you with a resource: a place to come for questions, curiosities, or to ease your fears about conditions and procedures. It’s also a place for you to get to know us! You’ll be able to read about our doctors and our staff, so you can feel comfortable at your appointments. It’s a little easier to be honest about your worries and concerns when you know the person!   

So take some time and explore our content, and walk into your next appointment with our dermatological professionals feeling confident and prepared. We add new blogs twice a month; you can follow us on social media to get an update whenever we post!